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Talent Development

I. To communicate talent development map


2. Dual career development channel

The company has established a complete and mature employee comprehensive development system. Under the premise of improving basic capabilities, we have established a professional development personnel training mechanism for R&D, sales, manufacturing, quality, and support systems. In addition, according to the company's employee level, such as graduates, new employees, normal employees, middle-level employees, high-level employees, we have established a series of targeted courses. In the form of online, offline, and internal and external training, we aim to comprehensively improve employees’ capabilities.


1. Double career channel
2. Tutorial system
3. Career guidance


3. High potential personnel development plan

Each year, the company selects talents with outstanding performance, combines professional talents assessment tools, and screens core talents with high potential to cultivate specific talents. Through systematic training, it builds a pool of talent resources and establishes a reserve cadre echelon.